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Zinc Strips Do Not Work.

Zinc strips – They do not work


We were cleaning this roof not too long and I am glad I had the camera with me.



This customer had zinc strips installed and was hoping against hope they would keep his roof clean.  As you can see, it was not money well spent.  The installer just nailed it on right through the top of the shingles.  We had already cleaned the bottom half and I stopped to take a quick picture.  You can see the zinc strip was slightly effective near the top but the roof was black down lower.

Having been in the roof cleaning industry awhile now, we get to see all kinds of tricks people have tried to keep their roof clean.  People search for roof cleaning help on the internet and these types of products show up right there on the first page.  The websites are well designed and have some very slick (my favorite word) marketing phraseology.  They will make you believe it works!  As you can see from the pictures, it doesn’t.


I have a few pictures of “zinc strips don’t work” homes.  Here is another one.

This customer had a thinner zinc strip than the first picture above, and called us to come clean his roof a few years later.  You can see that it worked well for the first few inches, but then lost its killing power.

You can probably guess where the zinc is on this roof.  It is usually the flashing around most things that are on or poke through your rooftop for various reasons.

I think the only way these things would work would be if you installed them every 12 inches down the entire pitch of the roof.  Wouldn’t that look great?

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