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Gutter Cleaning Apex NC

Our customers trust  Roof Refresh to provide all of their gutter cleaning needs in Apex NC.

We have a solid base of repeat gutter cleaning customers in Apex and we are always happy to add more!

Annual gutter maintenance is one of the best ways to avoid potential problems with your home.  Gutter systems are designed to  divert water away from your home and keeping them clean and flowing should be part of your yearly plan in your home’s upkeep.

When gutters and not properly maintained with regular gutter cleanings, all kinds of problems will start popping up.  Rotten wood behind the guters is probabably one of the most common problems we see.  The gutters fill with debris and clog the downspouts.  Rain will then fill the gutters, and with nowhere to go, it will run over the face of the gutter as well as the back of the gutter.  You can read more about gutter cleaning and the damage caused by neglect here.

Roof Refresh provides gutter cleaning services in Apex NC.  We use standoff brackets on our ladders so that we can put them up and nnot worry about damaging your gutters.  We hand clean most gutters and then we blow off all of the surrounding areas like sidewalks, decks and driveways.  In most cases, we leave the area around your home cleaner than when we first arrrived.

If it is preferable, you can be home when we do the work.  However, most of our customers work and just do not have the time to take off.  It is not a problem.  We can clean your gutters and leave the invoice in your mailbox.  You can then mail a check or pay with a credit card on our website.

We don’t just provide gutter cleaning in Apex, NC.   We also service Cary, Raleigh, Wake Forest, and surrounding areas.