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Gutter Cleaning Holly Springs NC

More Gutter Cleaning Holly Springs, NC

Gutter cleaning season is in full swing and I wanted to post some pictures of a recent gutter cleaning we did in Holly Springs NC.

Holly Springs Gutter Cleaning

The customer had gutter guards installed on the back portion of the home where all the trees were.  Debris had piled up on the gutter guards, so the gutter cleaning basically involved brushing it all off.   It ended up highlighting how bad these slotted gutter guards actually perform after a period of time.

I took some pictures while we were doing the gutter cleaning just to show how the usefulness of the guards degrades over time.

The first picture above shows the gutter guard with the top slot blocked by debris while the bottom slot is still clear.   Eventually, both slots will become clogged and the water run right over the guards to the ground. (second picture)  Instead of a gutter cleaning, it will need a gutter guard cleaning.

Holly Springs

The third picture shows moss actually growing in the slots.  Over time, enough of the leaves and debris composted into dirt and formed a good base for the moss to establish itself.  Once moss gets in or on any surface, it is very difficult to remove because of it’s root system.

Gutters Holly Springs

I am in the process of writing a gutter cleaning article  and doing a quick review of the different types of gutter guards on the market.   These slotted guards are cheap and rather easy to install.  You will save money on gutter cleaning, but the slots will get clogged over a period of time and the rain water will not be able to get into the gutters.  It will instead, flow over the guards and to the ground, thus taking away the functionality of your gutters and the gutter system.

There are really no gutter guards that are one hundred percent maintenance free. The only gutter guards we would ever even think about recommending would be The Gutter Helmet.   You will pay a decent price to have them installed, but they come with a lifetime clog free warranty.  The companies who install and service them are generally very reputable local companies.

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This one had the moss growing

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