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Updated: More recent roof cleaning projects

Updated: More  recent roof cleaning projects

I have so many pictures of our recent roof cleaning and pressure washing projects that I am considering making this type of post a regular staple for the blog.

The summer heat really dries the roof shingles fast after we rinse them.  That means we do not have to hang around too long and wait for them to dry so we can get the “after” pictures.

This is a dirty roof This roof has been cleaned

Soft washing is the way to go.  We really do not use any pressure to clean anything except concrete these days.  Here in the Raleigh area we have an abundance of pressure washing companies.  A lot of guys pick up a power washer at Home Depot, put an ad on Craigslist, and they are in business.  People pay them for that fantastic $99 deal and end up watching these guys blast away at their home with 3000 psi.  When they are done, they leave behind a trail of cut window screens, blown window seals and siding that looks like a graffiti artist has been at work.

patio after pressure washing Siding Cleaning Raleigh nc

This was some dirty siding that was in desperate need of a good cleaning
This was some dirty siding that was in desperate need of a good cleaning
Using the softwash method.
Using the softwash method.

You will notice that we use standoff brackets on all of our ladders when we are working on a shingle cleaning project .  This keep the ladder from leaning against the gutters and bending them all up.  It also provides stability for the ladder which makes it a lot safer for us to climb.

heavy roof algaeAlage removed


If you are researching companies and getting quotes to have your roof cleaned and or your home power washed, make sure that they are not using pressure.  All of the professional (notice the word professional) pressure cleaning companies in our area use the soft wash method when cleaning homes and roofs.  When I say professional, I mean the men and women who do this for a living, not the guy working out of the trunk of his car looking for beer money or some extra cash.

This was a moldy roof project that we had to get cleaned up pretty quick.
This was a moldy roof project that we had to get cleaned up pretty quick.

after roof stains removed raleigh nc

Not the best picture here but you get the idea.  I think most readers pay more attention to our pictures than my outstanding writing so I am trying to keep the words down and the roof cleaning and pressure washing pictures up.

Really dirty roof stains

after roof wash mold removal

Some people call us before the stains get to bad on the shingles.  It makes for an easier day of  stain removal for us and peace of mind for them.

before roof wash raleigh

after roof washing raleigh

before roof stains cleaned raleighafter roof was cleaned

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