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Updated-Gutter Cleaning Wake Forest, NC

Gutter Cleaning Wake Forest, NC

This was a hilarious gutter cleaning in Wake Forest, NC.

We received a call from this customer complaining of clogged gutters.  It was unusual because there were absolutely no tress around the house.

Once I got up there to look around, well, we can see the problem.  She had a 10 year old boy who happened to love hitting tennis balls onto the roof.  There were a variety of balls in there – Tennis, golf, Hacky Sack and racquet balls. Anyone who has boys will completely relate to this post.

We installed some cheap gutter guards that she had picked up at the local home improvement store.  That, and a stern lecture would fix the problem.


It is very important to keep your gutters clean

We have been cleaning gutters in Wake Forest for 8 years.  We use stand off brackets on all of our ladders so that we do not destroy your gutters by leaning a ladder against them.  This will bend and disfigure the gutters.   Not only is it unsightly, it could cause problems for the flow of the water if the gutters are knocked out of alignment.

The "bull horns" keep the ladder off the gutters.
The “bull horns” keep the ladder off the gutters.

When gutters are clogged and/or not flowing correctly, you end up with all kinds of problems.  You can read more about that here.

Keeping your gutters clean and allowing them to do their job will save you a lot of money over time.  Repairing the damage caused by clogged gutters gets to be quite expensive.

Gutter pulling away from fascia- wake forest nc

The gutters above were on a house in north Wake Forest.  This gutter was on an upper part of the roof and got ignored  for a bit too long.  The leaves composted into dirt over time and that dirt became mud when it rained.  Water weighs 8 pounds per gallon and a good size run of gutter can hold a lot of water and mud.

You can see that the gutters have pulled away from the fascia over time.  The wood behind them was rotted and could not hole the weight of the gutters pulling on the nails.  If you look close, you can see that a few of the nails are pulled out.  Once the gutter pulls away from the fascia, it can change the direction that the water flows, causing standing water issues like you see here.  The mud was cleaned out sometime ago but the water still pools in the gutters.


Rotten wood is one of the most common problems you will see that is associated with clogged gutters.  Fixing the wood entails pulling the gutters off and replacing the wood.  If you have to replace the fascia, we recommend vinyl.  It will last forever and the gutters can usually be mounted without having to paint.

Roof Refresh provides gutter cleaning services in Wake Forest, NC as well as the surrounding Wake County areas.


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