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Roof Moss, Algae and Home Owners Insurance

Moss on a roofRoof Moss,  Algae and Home Owners Insurance

Have you received a letter from the company that provides your homeowners insurance, telling you that your home was recently inspected and moss or algae was found on your roof? You now have a certain amount of time to clean your roof and get rid of it, or face having your policy cancelled.

Before I get into the details of who, what, where, I will tell you that Roof Refresh can usually help you with this problem.  We have developed a system whereby we work with you and your insurance company to insure that your policy is not cancelled because of the moss and dirty streaks on your roof.

This is the first year I have received calls from customers in need of a roof cleaning due to an insurance matter. I decided to make a few calls and do some Google research to see what was going on. Check out this video:

Apparently, insuring homes is not a very profitable venture to begin with. These companies have some major payouts anytime there is a catastrophe that I am sure, wipes out any profit they make. The bigger the catastrophe, the more homes are affected.  Here in North Carolina, a couple of the bigger insurance companies are contacting their customers who only have a homeowners insurance policy with them, and requesting that they combine or bundle their auto and home insurance policies.  The customers have the choice of doing it, or getting cancelled.  It is not the best business practice but, it’s perfectly legal for insurance companies to do that.

According to statistics I found around the web, the property insurance industry has only made a profit 4 out of the last 20 years. Here in North Carolina, 2011 brought some weather related events that caused a lot of damage. Hurricane Irene devastated the eastern portion of NC and who could forget the tornados and hail storms that came through.

I think these insurance companies are looking at the moss problem from a business standpoint. Moss on a roof is very destructive and can seriously affect the integrity of the roof system as a whole. As moss grows, its root system works itself backwards and sideways, under the shingles. The roots are large and anchored tight to your roof. Eventually, it grows large enough to begin separating and lifting the shingles from each other. Once this happens the roof is vulnerable to wind damage. One bad storm for you equals a big claim payout for them.

In this down economy, most companies are taking a look at their business models to see where they can cut costs or streamline processes in order to increase revenues. Insurance companies are no different. The simple truth is, they are in business to make money, and they want to be in a position to honor their obligations as an insurer when there is a need to pay a claim.

As a result, insurance companies are getting very picky about the risks they are willing to take when insuring a property, and they are well within their rights to put conditions on property they are going to insure.

They are hiring local home inspection companies to visit and provide inspection reports on homes they currently insure and also homes of prospective clients.  Roof moss and algae seems to be a hot button because roof damage is one of the biggest sources of their payouts when storms hit.  A roof system that is in good shape will statistically, stand a better chance of not getting damaged during storms. The inspections are done throughout the day and you may or may not be home while they are doing it.  Being the insurer of the home, they have the right to do the inspections.

I have seen one instance where they were asking a homeowner to paint the house as a condition of coverage.  My guess is that down the road, these inspections will get tougher and extend to things such as rotten wood and dirty or damaged siding as well.

We have provided roof moss cleaning services on a number of occasions to aid in the removal of moss.  Our low pressure / zero pressure cleaning method kills the moss and will eventually lead to the complete removal.  The process of removing moss from a roof does not always provide instant results.  It takes some time to see the actual results but, there is that eventual payoff in most instances.  It is definitely cheaper than replacing your roof.

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