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Roof Cleaning Raleigh NC

Roof Cleaning Raleigh, NC

Roof Refresh is the roof cleaning company of choice for some of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Raleigh.  This homeowner was extremely pleased to have her roof cleaned.

We clean all sizes of roofs around the Raleigh area.  When it comes to roof cleaning in Raleigh, NC  the big homes are the most fun and as you can see, they make for some great pictures.

There are many benefits to roof cleaning.  The most important is curb appeal.  For the money, there is no better way to improve the look of the exterior of your home than to have your roof cleaned.  In most cases, it will usually look like you had a new roof installed when we are finished cleaning it.

Another benefit of roof cleaning is energy savings.  If you think about it, when your roof is covered with algae and it is stained black, it is not working like a roof should and reflecting the sun.  It is instead, absorbing the heat of the sun which in turn heats up your attic.   As your attic heats up, the rest of the home will heat up and the air conditioner will be kicking on a lot more, especially in the hot summer days we have here in the south.  Shingle have the protective granules that protect the shingle and aid in holding it together but their most important role is solar reflectivity.  Having your roof cleaned allows the shingle granules to do their job and reflect some of the rays so your attic stays a little cooler.

Another problem you will encounter with a hot roof is premature shingle buckling and curling.  This happens with roofs as the get towards the end of their life cycle, but the presence of algae can heat the roof up and create this problem prematurely.

Those are a few benefits of roof cleaning to see questions of the proper techniques of roof cleaning and others you can click here.

We provide roof cleaning services for Raleigh, Cary, Wake Forest, Clayton, Apex and Garner NC