Some more Before and After Roof Cleaning Pictures

I did a quick dump of all our before and after roof cleaning pictures and am posting a new article with them.  I think pictures are what people are looking for most when doing any type of cleaning.  They want to see results and how it is going to look. CLICK ON THE PICTURE FOR BETTER QUALITY.

Before roof mildew removed youngsville nc after roof cleaning youngsville nc

Roof Refresh cleans around 300 to 400 roofs per year and we have done this for about the last ten years.  Needless to say, we have seen and cleaned a lot of roofs and have the roof cleaning process down to a science.

Repaired Shingles show up in the algae Roof Cleaning Garner NC


Keep those roof mildew pictures coming!  I call it roof mildew but it is most likely algae.  Mildew on the roof comes from and feeds on organic matter such as branches and leaves that lay the and decompose.  Algae feeds on inorganic matter like the limestone in your shingles.

How to clean a roof Dirty ShinglesWhat is the average cost of roof cleaning in Raleigh, NC? Most homes pictured run between $350 to $600 just as an average.  I have found that the bigger roof cleaning companies around our area all seem to be on the same page as far as pricing.  Roof cleaning is a lot more dangerous than house washing so you should naturally expect the prices to be higher. I see a lot of companies adding roof stain removal as a service in our area, only to drop it after they find out what they have got themselves into.

Shingles starting to get algae Wake Forest NC No more ugly roof stains

Here are a couple pictures of brick cleaning.  Roof Refresh does provide additional services such as power washing and gutter cleaning so it is nice to be able to throw some other pictures into the mix.  We are really a roof cleaning company that has added the pressure washing as an additional service.  As opposed to the house washing or power washing companies that have added roof cleaning to their service.

imageimageOk.  Back to the roof pictures.

Roof cleaning using no pressure Wake Forest NC Roof cleaned in Raleigh NCDoes anyone actually read this stuff I write about roof cleaning or are you just looking at pictures?  If you tell me that you actually read this part of my post, I will throw a five percent discount on your roof cleaning bill if we clean your roof.

Dirty Roof stains After the roof was washed

Dirty roof shingles Roof shingles no more mold

I will be adding more roof cleaning pictures as we go.  I don’t take as many pictures of our cleaning process as I should, we do so many that it is hard to keep up sometimes.

We use 12 volt pumps when we clean any roof so there will never be any chance of damage from pressure.  I have written a few articles about it and posted them on my site so feel free to browse.  Also, please call us or email any roof washing questions you may have.  We are always happy to answer them.




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