Roof cleaning in the Clayton/Garner NC area

 Roof  cleaning in the Clayton/Garner NC area


This is a roof we cleaned in the Clayton/Garner NC area today.  The rain seems like it has stopped for awhile so we are playing catch up on all the roof cleaning we have been delayed from.

This roof had a little bit of moss and  was a bit more challenging because of all the dormers.  We took our time and made sure that it was cleaned correctly.

If you live in the Clayton or Garner NC area and are looking for a professional roof cleaning company to clean your roof, you need look no further.

Roof Refresh is the areas premier roof cleaning and roof stain removal companies located in this area.  We service All of Wake County and surrounding areas.   We use no pressure when cleaning the roof.   Feel free to call us for a free, no obligation roof cleaning estimate.

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