Roof Shingle Color Variation

Roof shingles that have a color variation.  

So, we have just cleaned your roof while you were at work and you get home and see this:




Or this:


Your roof may have been too dirty to notice the shingle color variation, but once cleaned, it is very evident.  There are a couple of reasons for these variations in shingle coloring.  The most important reason is that it was not caused by the cleaning. 🙂   Having seen a lot of it lately, I figured it was time for a quick post to explain it.  We clean a lot of roofs, and we get our fair share of questions after it is clean and the customer gets a good look at what is actually up there.   I can always feel a good post coming on when I get a few of the same questions over a period of time.  My little blog posts like this help, because I can refer the customer to them for additional info.

Why are my shingle colors different?

When shingles are produced, the manufacturer tracks the production runs and color information.  They have product codes on the single bundles to identify them.  As long as the bundles have the same product code,  manufacturers claim the coloring will be the same and the shingles will have a consistent appearance.  Even a small change in shingle granule blends for a given production run will get the bundle a new code.  This ensures color uniformity.

So, what happened to my house?  Why do I have these patches on my roof?  The general consensus among roofers I have talked to over the years is that the bundle product codes were not checked before installation.  You can get the same color, i.e “estate gray” shingles, but, if the shingle bundle code is not the same, the color may be slightly off. 

Something like this: 



These pictures above are from a recent roof cleaning.   I stopped to snap a quick set of pictures in case questions came up afterward.  This may have been from a roof repair or just an unmatched bundle.  Either way, I stopped before I sprayed to make sure I had something I could show the homeowner if they asked.  

How many of us notice that you don’t see many roof repairs where the exact matching shingles are installed?   Unless you have some leftover shingles from the original installation, chances are slim you will find an exact match years later.  Home Depot may still have the color in stock, but you will probably not match the code.  The shingle color of your roof, most likely, will not look quite uniform after a repair.    

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