Roof Mold / Roof Algae Preventative

Roof  Mold / Roof Algae Preventative

Is there a product available that you can use as a roof mold / roof algae preventative?

The answer is yes, there are several products available on the market that you can use to seal your roof, but there is a problem:  It is not recommended by our friends who manufacture the shingles you want to seal.

Algae and mold will always return to your roof after it is cleaned, it is just a matter of time.  The further south you go, the faster the algae will return because conditions are more suitable for growth.  People looking for a way to save some money on roof cleaning have been looking for some type of roof algae preventative that will impede, or at least delay the return growth of the roof mold and algae once their roof has been cleaned.

 Roof Mold and Algae Preventatives

A few products have become popular with homeowners.  Zinc Strips installed on the roof are  supposed to prevent algae.  We wrote an article on showing that zinc strips are a scam and , while they may initially work to prevent roof algae and mold, they only work for a small portion of the roof and they actually lose killing power as time goes by.

There is also another, newer set of products available to prevent this growth mold and algae on the roof. It  is a sealant which can be applied by a professional roof cleaner, or a homeowner who is willing to get on a ladder and do it themselves. It is a polymer based products that dries and forms a rubberized sealant on the roof.  These products are easily found using the proper key words on the Internet.

Before we discuss the challenges of roof mold/algae preventatives, I would like to present a quick background on the The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association. (We use the acronym ARMA).    ARMA is a trade association, recognized as an industry leader, that represents most shingle manufacturers, and they spend a lot of money, time and effort researching every aspect of the industry.  As a service to their members, they also issue many publications and TSB’s (technical systems bulletins) that help to dictate the direction of the industry, so that a high level of quality and professionalism is maintained.

This ARMA publication is not dated, but it strongly advises against the use of any type of field applied coating or sealant on a roof.   Here is a quick snippet:

Problems reported after asphalt shingle roofs have been field coated include unsightly curling and/or cupping of the shingles which may lead to premature failure and leaks. In addition, non-permeable roof coatings may create a vapor retarding layer; if this occurs, it increases the possibility of rotting of the roof deck caused by moisture accumulation in the attic space.”

As a professional roof cleaning company, we avoid anything to do with these prevention methods.   I don’t want to get that call from my customer’s lawyer informing me of a lawsuit they will be filing because I ruined their roof by applying a roof algae preventative.

The best defense against roof mold and algae is to regularly check your roof and when needed,  have it cleaned by a professional roof cleaning company that uses the ARMA approved method to clean a roof.  There are roof cleaning companies that offer roof stain warranties and annual maintenance programs to help keep the algae away.  Just remember, you can’t really go wrong if you stick to the methods recommended by ARMA


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