Roof maintenance – The key to a longer roof life

A little roof maintenance goes a long way

We have been doing a few gutter cleanings lately and I remembered snapping this picture to remind people about the importance of roof maintenance.

You can see the trees that were trimmed in the background.
You can see the trees that were trimmed in the background.

Those (now trimmed) pine trees in the background had grown so big, the branches were just laying on the roof.  Every time the wind blew, they would rub a little more of the shingles off the roof.

The worst of the damage was not visible until you stepped onto the roof and took a close look.  The wood under the shingles was rotted from water seeping in right there at the roof edge.  It ran down the roof under the shingles for a few years and had damaged the wood to the point where the roof was ready to cave in.  The roofers had to take off a large portion of the roof and rebuild the support structures and plywood sheets before installing new shingles.

Tree with branches on roof

These trees are moving on in
These trees are moving on in

Actual roof maintenance tips to prolong roof life.

Roof maintenance is an important part of the upkeep of your home.  Trees growing near your roof should be  trimmed regularly in order to keep them from damaging the shingles.   Even small branches can rub all the granules off a shingle over a period of time.

Falling limbs from overhanging trees can puncture the roof on impact  if they are big enough and should be trimmed way back until they no longer pose a problem.   Squirells use trees as a bridge to your roof and then build nice nests in your attic.

As part of a regular plan for upkeep, take a walk around your house and check all the trees that you consider possible hazards to the roof, and even more so, to the home.  You can hire a professional to come in and trim and cut existing trees in order to make sure your roof and home are safe from falling branches.  .  I am a firm believer in removing trees that are too close to the house and can do significant damage if they fall.  People are usually very surprised at how much wood actually weighs.

Lastly, do not let ivy grow up the side of the house, into the gutters and under shingles.

ivy on house and in gutters climbing vines

These pictures were in Google images and I am using them as an example.

Ivy is an awful little plant because of the damage it can do to a house.  Once it is attached, the marks will be on the siding, brick, gutters and shingles forever.  They have the little root disks that help it attach on its way up the house.  It will tear up some roof shingles in search of water and a place to attach itself.  Not to mention black snakes love to hang out in it!

As part of our gutter cleaning, Roof Refresh does our own little roof inspection to help you in the maintenance of your roof.   We will point out any problems we see and refer you to certain companies that can help fix or prevent roof damage.

Give us a call for a free estimate and we will also answer any questions you may have.  919-291-2717

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