Roof debris – Don’t ignore it

Roof Debris should not be ignored

We are transitioning into gutter cleaning season and get to see a lot more roofs and roof debris on a daily basis.  We just finished cleaning off this roof that had a LOT of debris piled up.  A huge oak tree on one side of the house  was dropping acorns by the thousands.  The roof was not steep and this allowed the acorns,leaves and twigs to pile up in the valleys. 

In the pictures above, we were starting to blow the debris out of the roof valleys.  We could have filled a 55 gallon drum with all of the acorns that came off the roof.  

I noticed that an excessive amount of moisture was left on the roof.

Muddy, composting debris, was holding water from any rains we may have had recently.  Moisture is trapped under debris in these valleys until you remove it, or have a professional service remove it. It does not magically disappear.    Because of this, take a look at what was growing underneath once we blew all of the debris out of the roof valley.  

The pitfalls of trapped moisture on a roof

Sprouting acorns were taking root under the shingles. As a result,  you can look closely and see a bunch of  root structures that belong to some other plant life.  This mini-ecosystem is a product of the trapped moisture that was under all the debris.  Roots tend to follow water and the shingles create a capillary action which draws the moisture up and under the edges. Eventually, the moisture will soak the roofing paper and start working its way into the wood underneath.  

Roof and gutters are system  designed to work together.  The roof sheds the water down to the gutters.  So, the gutters are then supposed to carry that water down to ground level and away from the base of your home.  Now, when one of these components in the system is not working it definitely creates problems. 

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