Power washing in Wake Forest, NC

Power Washing  in Wake Forest NC

As we are moving into February I figured it was time to start posting some pressure washing pictures to get everyone thinking about spring cleaning.  This is a power washing in Wake Forest, NC.

Power wash siding Wake Forest NC Beforeafter siding cleaning wake forest nc

Having your home power washed is a great way to liven up the exterior and enhance the curb appeal of your home.  It has been a long, wet year in the Wake Forest area and many homes are a lot dirtier than usual.

Pressure washing, or power washing is the term everyone uses to describe the process of washing a house and getting the siding cleaned.  Most professional pressure washing companies do not really use pressure when cleaning a home.  Our industry as a whole, is trying to incorporate the words “soft washing” into the minds of the general public because we really only use high pressure to clean concrete and brick.  Note: We use soft washing techniques when power washing in Wake Forest NC.

A pressure washer in the wrong hands can lead to some serious damage to your home.  Cut screens, blown window seals and cracked siding are a few of the more common types of damage I have witnessed and heard about over the years.

Power washing wake forest NC pressure washing siding Wake Forest NC

The correct way to wash a house is with a good size pressure washer that can get the chemicals onto the house (both low and high) utilizing low pressure.  Picture spraying chemical onto your home with a regular old garden hose that had decent water pressure.  In a nutshell, this is the way we wash homes except the chemical is mixed in the water while we are in the washing phase.  The chemical does all the work and the mold disappears right before your eyes.  It also softens up cobwebs and bees nests so that when you rinse, again with the “garden hose” you don’t really need to put any pressure behind it because they will come right off the house.

Power washing homes in Wake Forest NC

Roof Refresh has been “power washing” (remember it’s “soft washing”) homes in this area since 2006.  Power washing in Wake Forest is one of the areas we service.  We are a professional cleaning company that prides itself on exceptional customer service and making sure customers are happy before we leave.

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