Water weighs 8 pounds per gallon.  How many hundreds of pounds are in this gutter? 


clogged gutter

Roof Refresh performs gutter cleaning services in the following cities : Raleigh, Cary, Wake Forest , Youngsville, Apex and Clayton / Garner NC.

Call us and schedule a cleaning.  Or, we offer an annual maintenance agreement.  Sign up for scheduled cleanings.  You no longer have to worry about remembering to call.  You simply tell us when, and how many times annually you want your gutters cleaned.  We will take care of scheduling it.

clogged gutters

The most frequently asked question:  “How many times a year should I have my gutters cleaned?”

If you look up at your gutters and see things growing in them, it might be time to think about cleaning them.


The most popular service choice amongst our customers is twice a year.  Once in the Spring, right after the pollen season is finished and everything has dropped out of the trees, and again in the late fall, once all the leaves are down.  Some customers are happy with one visit, while others schedule 3 or 4 gutter cleanings a year.

Gutter cleaning is very imporant

Your gutters are an important part of your your roof system.   They are designed to divert water away from your home and prevent the problems associated with water damage.  Keeping your gutters clean,  is one of the most important keys to avoiding costly repairs to your home.

Your gutters, especially in the Raleigh and Cary areas,  should be cleaned at least twice a year as part of a home maintenance program.  While a few leaves and twigs in the gutters may seem harmless, they will eventually cause your downspouts to become clogged.  When this happens, the rain water coming off your roof will not drain fast enough and it will overflow out of the gutters from all sides.

gutter cleaning

This creates several problems:

Rotten Wood

When these gutters back up, the water will back up and overflow in all directions.  The fascia board, which is the board behind the gutter, will get the brunt of the water and eventually it will begin to rot.   The constant heavy weight of these full gutters combined with the rotting wood on the fascia board will eventually lead to the gutters pulling away from the fascia board.  Once this happens, the water runs off the roof and goes  behind the gutters instead of into the gutters.

Another area we see quite a bit of rot damage is the end of a gutter that butts up against the side of the house, generally where a first and second story structure meet. (i.e. the garage and the house)  The water will backflow out of the the gutter and run down the siding causing all kinds of problems in that corner area of the house.

Foundation Problems

– As mentioned earlier, another problem with poor gutter drainage is pooling water around your home’s foundation.  Gutters are designed to take the water away from the foundation so that excess water does not work it’s way into the area around the foundation, causing it to sink,weaken and crack.


Ants and termites love damp environments.  A few good years of poor gutter drainage will create some prime real estate for these guys.

Mosquitos love to breed in gutters in the warm months March through September.  Most people don’t even think about clogged gutters being a source of mosquito problems.   Take a look at this picture:

mosquito gutter

We cleaned this gutter out to show the remaining water in the bottom.  Mosquitos only need a thimble full of water to lay their eggs.

Check out this blog about mosquitos and gutters

Roof Refresh can help with your gutter cleaning needs.  We pride ourselves on quality work and ensuring our customers are happy.  Give us a call and we can give you a free, no obligation quote, most of the time right on the phone.  We perform gutter cleaning in the following cities:

Gutter cleaning services in Raleigh NC.

Gutter cleaning Services in Cary NC

Gutter cleaning services in Wake Forest NC

Gutter cleaning services in Apex NC.

Gutter cleaning services in Garner/Clayton NC


* We hand clean all gutters.

* We check all downspouts for good flow and clean out any clogs.

* We blow off any debris that may have accumulated in the valleys.

* We use stand off brackets on all of our ladders so that we do not destroy your gutters by placing the ladder directly against them.

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