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 Gutter Cleaning, Raleigh NC

This picture is from a gutter cleaning in Raleigh NC.  We were cleaning out the gutters and checking downspouts for clogs when I noticed this.

I have never seen grass and weeds growing in a gutter!  We see the usual assortment of baby pine tress and other small plants that take root in a clogged gutter system, but I have never seen grass!   How would it get there?

You can see it had quite a root system going.

It is a good idea to have your gutters cleaned annually.  Depending on the amount of trees you have around your property, you should schedule gutter cleanings accordingly.  Many of our Raleigh customers have their gutters cleaned twice a year.

Here in the Raleigh NC area, we have two times a year when gutters need cleaning.  Once in the spring (May -June) and again in the fall or early winter (November-December).  It is these two times of the year when leaves and pine needles are falling and gutters can become clogged.

The two best times to schedule gutter cleaning in the Raleigh area are pretty much the same as the ones I have in the parentheses above.  In the spring, right after pollen season is over you will notice everything starts falling off the tress.  NOTE: This is also how you can tell when the pollen season is over.  In the fall, most of the leaves have fallen off the trees around the beginning of December.

That is about the time we really crank up the gutter cleaning season.

Don’t wait too long.  Go ahead and give us a call so that you can get a free gutter cleaning estimate or get put on the schedule.

Unless you prefer, you do not have to be home when we clean the gutters.  We will leave an invoice in your mail box and you can mail a check or pay by credit card on our secure website form located on our front page.

We also provide gutter cleaning services for Cary, Apex, Wake Forest, Garner and Clayton, NC



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