Cleaning clogged gutters in Wake Forest, NC

Cleaning Clogged Gutters in Wake Forest NC

I was going through my picture files and decided to write another article about cleaning clogged gutters in Wake forest.  The best way to talk about gutter cleaning is to show pictures with it.  Nothing speaks louder than a good picture.

This gutter pictured below had not been cleaned in a long time.  

Clogged Gutters Cause Damage

The damage from this type of  gutter neglect comes in a couple of different forms.  First, the gutters will not drain correctly, if at all.  The water has nowhere to go except over the top of the gutter and down to the roof and ground below.  The debris inside of the gutter begins to compost and makes a nice base for new trees to grow, ants nests and mosquito larvae.  Soon enough, the accumulated weight of the debris will start to pull the gutters off the house.

Second comes the debris piled up in the roof valley.  Ants loves these piles too.  If the mound is large enough, it will hold the moisture the roof shingles and matting beneath will begin to deteriorate.  Soon after, the wood from the roofing will follow suite.  If you have ever done any repair work from gutter damage, you probably know that the dollars add up fast.

The third area is highlighted with the yellow arrow.  The debris is piled into a corned on the lower roof and never even makes it to the gutters to be cleaned out.  This area also hold a lot of moisture and will rot the siding of the home and the roof membrane.

The back was no better:

These longer runs of gutters tend to pull off of the fascia much more quickly.  It is a lot more weight.  Those pine tress growing in there are a lot heavier than one would think.  

Roof Refresh provides gutter cleaning services for all of Wake Forest.  Please call for a free estimate.




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