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Gutter Tool Updates-Now selling in Australia!


Gutter Cleaning Tools

The Gutter Tool Sale!



We invented this gutter cleaning tool, we patented it and now we are selling it.  After many years of gutter cleaning and using this tool, we have finally brought it to market.  We went through countless prototypes and lots of feedback from my guys telling me how to modify it and make it better.  After using all of the gutter cleaning tools on the market, and feedback from my employees, that experience was used to develop the version we put out on the market.   

Update: One dealer in Australia – Another one to follow soon! 

The Gutter Tool now has a  dealer in Australia who also services  New Zealand.  World Wide Window Cleaning Supplies recently added our gutter cleaner to their inventory.  We have received a lot of inquiries from cleaners in Australia, so getting our tool on their shelves is a big win for us.  We have another store coming online soon that is in Sydney Australia.  Updates to the story will follow with some links,  once the gutter tool hits their shelves. 

We have been working on a new logo for our gutter cleaning tool and finally settled on this one:

Gutter cleaning tool


More Gutter Tool History

Once the tool was on the market and had started selling, we solicited feedback from contractors.  We wanted to know what they thought we could improve.  Our goal is to make this a tool that will be the best in the gutter cleaning category.  The contractors responded and we now have a second version on the market.  It has been slightly modified with a slightly thicker neck and it is now made from a heavier plastic that is infused with a glass resin.    

An initial batch was produced and sent out to select contractors for testing and feedback.  So far, it has been overwhelmingly positive.  This newer tool is still made for homeowners and contractors alike.  Whether you are a homeowner or contractor that occasionally cleans gutters, or a contractor that cleans gutters daily, this gutter cleaner is for you.  


Can anyone use the tool for gutter cleaning?

THE GUTTER TOOL can be used by both professional gutter cleaners and also by homeowners who clean their own gutters.  We have found it to be a great addition to our toolbox.  It is very handy for cleaning out gutters and not having to move your ladder as much and for getting to debris that is higher up on the roof.  I like the fact that I can get debris out from behind skylights that are very high up on the roof that is not safe to walk on.

This tool will be suitable for every gutter cleaning you do, every home is different. It is a great addition to any toolbox.

It is for people who are comfortable working from a ladder.  If you are going to do any work from a ladder, ALWAYS USE A LADDER STABILIZER BAR.  It will make everything much safer by helping to hold your ladder in place and it will keep it off of your gutters.  Most professionals in our industry use them, but there are a few around that still lean them against the gutters.

Also, wear safety gloves.  Gutters will cut you up quick!

These tools are for sale at our website  or locally at MVP services here in Raleigh NC.  


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