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Asphalt Shingle Algae Resistant Warranties

“My algae resistant roof shingles have algae growing on them!”

This year, I have noticed an uptick in the amount of calls from customers seeking help with what I would call warranty roof cleanings for algae resistant shingles.  These shingles were sold to them with the expectation that they would not have to clean their roof, at least for many years.  Warranty claims were being filed with the shingle manufacturers and they were asking if we could help with the cleaning.  A few of these customers have had some problems figuring out how to file their claims.  It has become a big enough issue that most of the manufacturers now have representatives to handle it.  The companies that originally installed the shingles are also very helpful.  This article gives a quick background on AR shingles

How does Roof Refresh handle a warranty roof cleaning?

If you have algae on your AR shingles and it is still within the warranty period, we encourage to first contact the original installer to see if they have any processes and procedures already in place to help.  If not, they can usually point you to the shingle manufacturer and help you contact them to get the warranty process started.  This is one of those times when a lot of people wish they had saved their original paperwork. ūüôā Although, these days you can find anything you need on the internet.  

Some shingle manufacturers will send a representative out to look at the roof. Others will have you send pictures of the roof so they can asses the condition and make sure it will qualify for any type of warranty work that may be needed.  

Roof Refresh comes into the picture.

Once you get the go ahead to have the roof cleaned from the manufacturer, we can provide a quote to do the roof cleaning.  We will clean the entire roof.  This is usually a requirement from the shingle manufacturer and it is a good idea to clean the whole roof, which you can read here.  

Upon completion, customers can pay us with cash, check or credit card and we will provide all the necessary documentation to show the roof was professionally cleaned using industry standards.  The customer can then submit the paperwork for reimbursement from the manufacturer.  

Working to get any type of warranty is never any fun, but this has become a big enough issue that most shingle manufacturers are working hard to get processes in place.  I have not heard any “horror stories” so they must be doing something right.








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