What is Artillery Fungus?

What is Artillery Fungus? What is Artillery fungus you ask?  You just got your house washed and you  now notice a bunch of black spots all over your siding.  You try to scrape them off but they are stubborn.  When you look closer, they are on the windows and up as high as the second… Continue Reading

Gutter Guards – A quick review

Gutter Guards – Our reviews and ratings Before I begin writing this article I will make the disclaimer that we do not sell or install gutter guards of any sort.  The opinions in this review are based on our experience with cleaning gutters on an everyday basis.  Roof Refresh is a gutter cleaning contractor serving… Continue Reading

Roof Cleaning in Youngsville, NC

Roof Cleaning Youngsville, NC Roof Refresh 919-291-2717 will now provide roof cleaning in Youngsville, NC.  We also provide gutter cleaning and house washing services. We have actually serviced the area for years, providing roof mold and roof algae removal as part of our roof cleaning services, but we never advertised it.   We will also… Continue Reading

Updated: More recent roof cleaning projects

Updated: More  recent roof cleaning projects I have so many pictures of our recent roof cleaning and pressure washing projects that I am considering making this type of post a regular staple for the blog. The summer heat really dries the roof shingles fast after we rinse them.  That means we do not have to hang around… Continue Reading

Power washing in Wake Forest, NC

Power Washing  in Wake Forest NC As we are moving into February I figured it was time to start posting some pressure washing pictures to get everyone thinking about spring cleaning.  This is a power washing in Wake Forest, NC. Having your home power washed is a great way to liven up the exterior and enhance… Continue Reading

Gutter Cleaning Holly Springs NC

More Gutter Cleaning Holly Springs, NC Gutter cleaning season is in full swing and I wanted to post some pictures of a recent gutter cleaning we did in Holly Springs NC. The customer had gutter guards installed on the back portion of the home where all the trees were.  Debris had piled up on the… Continue Reading