Grillbillies is open! New Store

Do you grill or, do you barbecue?  Do you know the difference?  I never thought about it, as the words have always been interchangeable in my vocabulary.   A new barbecue supply store here in north Raleigh has been teaching me the difference.   Grillbillies Barbecue Supply off Durant Rd. in north Raleigh is a new, local business that is slowly becoming my new hangout.  

Whether you are a competition cook or  an average Joe that enjoys cooking with a smoker or a grill, these guys talk BARBECUE!    They sell everything (and I mean everything) you need, they even offer classes to teach novices such as myself, how to cook it right.   

Grillbillies is located adjacent to a very cool, sort of, indoor/outdoor antique market.  There are usually a few, high end grills and smokers sitting around for sale out front and off to the side of the building.  If you are lucky, there will be a cooking class in progress and you will be treated to some incredible aromas of meat on the grills or in smokers.  

The store itself is a 100 year old building that has been renovated.  When you walk in, it has that old school, hardware store feel to it.    There are shelves of  sauces and seasonings everywhere.   Not the , name brand stuff you are going to find at your local grocery store, they stock the “craft”, if you will, seasonings and sauces.  A lot of the products they sell, are staples on the elite barbecue circuits.   There also an area where a table is set up, and you  can taste test the products before you buy it.  

You can’t just walk in to this store and buy something.  Impossible.  These guys, who are, or have been, competition cooks themselves,   will ask you all the right questions and make suggestions that will help you with any questions about seasonings and cooking.  The next thing you know, your hand will be full of different bottles and you will be checking out.  Whether you are a weekend grill master that wears the funny apron (like me) or someone who has a passion to slow cook meat the right way, Grillbillies is worth the visit.


There are located

9300 Durant Rd.  Raleigh, NC 27614






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