HOA / Apartment Roof Cleaning

Apartment Roof  Cleaning and Washing

Curb appeal is vital to any apartment complex or neighborhood looking to attract tenants . People will naturally gravitate to neighborhood that appears to be well cared for and safe.

If you are a property manager, if you manage apartment complexes, or an HOA, then roof cleaning should be part of your maintenance plan.  A neighborhood or apartment complex that appears  unkempt will not attract as many clientele as one that is well kempt.

HOA’s and Roof Cleaning

Everyone knows you are going to get more money for a home that has been well maintained when you sell it.  The same principle applies to entire neighborhoods and communities.   A nice neighborhood will have higher property values than one that has not been maintained.

HOA’s are basically responsible for all tasks that are related to the   maintenance and upkeep of a residential community.  This includes making sure landscaping and homes exteriors are maintained according to the rules set by that particular community.   Having the roof cleaned should be a part of that plan.

Roof cleaning is  a growing trend here in this area as apartment complexes and HOA’s recognize the value it can add to a home and it’s curb appeal and to the general appearance of the community.

We are a professional roof cleaning company  and we wash roofs using no pressure.  Our washing methods and processes are set by the shingle manufacturers themselves.  If you are a property manager looking for a commercial roof cleaning, Roof Refresh is the company to contact.